Baton Rouge “Downtown East” Historical Bicycle Tour

Baton Rouge was founded on the banks of the Mississippi River and has changed dramatically from its days as a sleepy river town to its now seat as the state’s capital. Today, historic markers note locations of famous battlegrounds, well-known businesses, and even the home of the man who shot and killed Governor Huey P. Long. You will not find, however, a plaque outside the Old State Capitol describing the Free Rides campaign during the 1953 bus boycott, even though that momentous event was pivotal to the civil rights movement. Graffiti is the only text you’ll find on the site of the hotel where Dr. Martin Luther King stayed while he was in Baton Rouge and almost none of the buildings he would have patronized while in the city remain.

All of the historic markers that do not exist but certainly should, will be visited on the Green Book Bike Tour. We will begin at the State Museum and make our way first through downtown Baton Rouge to the area known now as “old” South Baton Rouge.

The ride will make 5 stops and will cover roughly 7 miles round trip. There will be a mid point stop at the Electric Depot on Government Street. Participants should bring a mask and money if they would like to get a beverage at the location. The stop will last roughly 20 minutes.

Participants must bring their own bike. There is a Gotca Bike stand located across from the museum.


African American History Museum

Pearson’s House

Electric Depot

Lincoln Theater/hotel

Prince Hall Masonic Temple

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